Gold Twins Charm

Elegant chain charm in 18 karat gold plated silver with elliptical polished decoration. The pendant is made of solid silver and can be attached to all medallions.

Item number: 6036

Price 26,00 EUR

Gold Twins charm is a beautiful piece which will become a great addition to any customizable necklace or earrings by Spirit Icons. The charm will become a delicate and romantic addition to your outfit. You can also personalize your Spirit Icons jewelry by adding icons to it.

You can turn your Twins charm into beautiful earrings by combining it with any customizable gold earrings. Remember that you need two identical charms to complete a set of earrings. Choose the style of the earrings according to your personal style. You can pick either stud earrings or hanger earrings. If you prefer hanger earrings, then you will be able to personalize them with icons.

A great choice for your Twin charms will be gold studs from Eden collection. They have matching polished gold finish as well as minimalistic design, which will suit the charms well. If you are looking for something more festive, you can choose earrings in the same style with white cubic zirconia gemstone decoration.