Gold Heart Charm

Heart shaped charm made of unpolished gold plated silver. Can be attached to any bracelet, necklace or earrings from the collection.

Item number: 6002

Price 30,00 EUR

Gold Heart charm is a delicate addition to any of your customizable necklaces, bracelets, ring and earrings by Spirit Icons. You can switch the icons and the charms between your Spirit Icons jewelry to achieve a new unique look as often as you want to. Using Spirit Icons jewelry, you can create an endless number of combinations which will reflect your personal style.

You can use your Gold Heart charm to decorate any Spirit Icons gold or silver necklace. Do not be afraid of experimenting with colors and textures, as this way you’ll be able to achieve a fresh modern look every single time. You can also attach an icon and a leather armband to the bracelet of your choice to spice up the combination.

A perfect choice for your Gold Heart charm is a classic gold bracelet from Pendulum collection. It has a white zirconia gemstone decoration which adds a sparkle to the piece. The length of the bracelet is 17/21. Such a combination will also become a great present for any occasion.