Gold Buttercup Charm

Flower shaped charm made of rustic 18 karat gold plated silver with polished detailing. The pendant can be attached to any headpiece from collection.

Item number: 6019

Price 30,00 EUR

Gold Buttercup charm is a beautiful floral piece made of gold plated sterling silver with soft sandblasted effect and polished detailing. It will become a great addition to any customizable necklace, bracelet, ring or earrings by Spirit Icons.

Choose to turn your gold Buttercup charm into a delicate necklace by attaching it to any silver or gold necklace from the collection. Many customizable necklaces have room for an icon which allows you to create a unique combination, which will reflect your personal style.

A great choice for your Buttercup charm will be a gold necklace from Pendulum collection. It has a matching sandblasted finish and minimalistic design, which will look well together with the charm. You can also add an icon of your choice to the Pendulum necklace.